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WoodRight In A Nutshell

85 second video: "What We Do!"

Species Selector

Our Species Selector will help you:

  • Compare the look of each type of wood
  • Learn about the structural attributes and availability of each species
  • View the typical range of natural character found in our Select Grade and our signature Conservation Grade material.

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Welcome to WoodRight Forest Products!

Your Source for Regionally Grown and Crafted Sustainable Hardwood Building Products

You get:

  • All the unique beauty.
  • All the rigorous environmental and social standards.
  • None of the headaches.

Unique Beauty

All wood is beautiful, but the natural markings and contrasting color combinations of our character-rich Conservation Grade products ensure that your project will be as unique as you are.

Rigorous standards

You’ll support neighboring communities and the forests and forest-based businesses on which they rely in one of the most biologically diverse, yet economically distressed regions in the country. Find out more about our mission as a social enterprise here.

No Headaches!

Working with the sustainable wood pros means you’ll receive knowledgable service and can finally get clean green building submittals and documentation the first time!

Learn More

Watch the video above(only 85 seconds long) or click here to learn more about we work and what we do.


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